Tenth Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

Regimental Rosters

Officers & Staff

Name Rank Comment
Harlan, John M. Col Resigned Mar. 6, 1863
Hays, William H. Col. Promoted March 11, 1863
Wharton, Gabriel C. Lt. Col Promoted March 11, 1863
Davidson, Henry G. Maj. Died Louisville 11-21-1864
Smith, Robert J. Sgt. Maj. Promoted 8-1-1862
Beglous, William F Q.M. Sgt Promoted to Lt Co. H 3-11-1863
Johnson, Lee S. Q.M. Sgt Promoted 1-26-1864
Lancaster, Edward B. Q.M. Sgt Transferred to Co A 7-31-1863
Matlock, Sam'l Q.M. Sgt  
Dunn, Henry C. Com. Sgt. Promoted to Lt Co H 12-11-1862
Garrison, John C. Com. Sgt. Discharged to 38Th Ky Inf 5-28-1863
Moore, George W Com. Sgt. Transferred to Co D      6-1-1862
Newman, Nathan Com. Sgt. Prisoner of War
Lisle, Wm. J. Adjts. Promoted to Capt Co A 3-11-1863
Maquire, Austin P. Adjts. Promoted to Lt. and Adjutant 3-11-1863
Nash, Richard C. Chaplain  
Arnott, John Pr. Mus Promoted to Principal Musician 5-1-1864
Crutchett, Henry Pr. Mus Transferred Co A, 6-10-1862
Lennen, Joseph Pr. Mus Promoted to Principal Musician 7-1-1862
Oster, James Pr. Mus Discharged 5-9-1864, Surgeon’s certificate of disability
Atkisson, Wm. Surg. Died 4-14-1862
Hatchitt, James G. Surg. Promoted to Brigade Surgeon 6-26-1862
Perkins, Jabez Surg. Mustered out 11-18-1863 to accept commission in US Volunteers
Stocking, Charles H. Surg.  
Hardesty, Chas Asst. Surg  
Knott, Thomas M. Asst. Surg Died 4-5-1862
Davenport, Richard Hosp.Stwd. Died 1-17-1864
Leachman, Henry P. Hosp.Stwd.