Tenth Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

Regimental Rosters

Company H

Name Rank Comment
Pendleton, Buford R Capt. Resigned 11-16-1862
Shively, Wm. T.          Capt.  
Barry, Henry W. 1st Lt. Dismissed 11-17-1862
Dunn, Henry C. 1st Lt. Captured at Chickamauga 9-20-1863 and exchanged.  Honorably discharged 12-19-1864
Beglow, William F. 2nd Lt.  
Wright, Thomas R 1st Sgt Discharged 9-17-1862 Louisville, KY
Edelen, Benedict Sgt. Discharged11-11-1862 Louisville, KY
Shively, Joseph H.  1st Sgt.  
Shively, Stephen M.  Sgt.  
Swaney, William        Sgt.  
Waltring, William Sgt.  
Abell, Samuel Corp. Discharged 2-6-1863 Louisville, KY
Belton, Addison Corp. Discharged 12-11-1863 Lost left arm
Clements, James P.  Corp.  
Earls, Milton Corp. Discharged 2-9-1863 Gallatin, TN
Lyons, Benjamin F.  Corp.  
Newton, Andrew J.  Corp. Died Lebanon, KY  3-31-1862
Newton, Elias Corp. Died Nashville, TN 3-15-1862
Rice, David E.. Corp.  
Roots, William Corp. Captured at Chickamauga 9-20-1863 and exchanged 7-31-1864.
Farmer, Joseph Tmstr.  
Abell, Cornelius W. Pvt Transferred – Mustered out 8-28-1865
Abell, Enoch  Pvt  
Abell, George W Pvt  
Ainsworth, Henry H. Pvt Discharged 11-25-1862 Columbus, OH
Bayne, Patrick Pvt Died Lebanon, KY  12-20-1861
Bermingham, Martin Pvt  
Brockman, James Pvt  
Cabell, William T. Pvt Died Campbellsville, KY  8-28-1862
Campbell, James Pvt  
Campbell, Moses Pvt Wounded at Chickamauga 9-19-1863
Campbell, William P. Pvt  
Crowell, James A. Pvt  
Eads, Zachariah Pvt Died 10-13-1863 Of wounds
Ellis, Benjamin Pvt Transferred – to Co I 5-7-1862
Farmer, James Pvt Discharged 3-12-1863 Louisville, KY
Farmer, John E. Pvt Discharged 3-31-1863 Louisville, KY
Farmer, Moses Pvt  
Farmer, Nathaniel Pvt  
Farmer, Preston P. Pvt Discharged 12-12-1862 Louisville, KY
Farmer, Thomas Pvt Deserted in face of the enemy 6-30-1863
Farmer, William Pvt KIA 7-25-1862 Courtland, AL
Ford, Martin Pvt Died. 4-17-1863 Lavergne, TN
Grier, Tandy Pvt Deserted 1-1-1864 Chattanooga, TN
Gunter, Henry Pvt Discharged 12-15-1862 Louisville, KY
Hall, William Pvt Transferred – to Co  F  5-7-1862
Harbin, William Pvt  
Harmon, Isaac Pvt Discharged 1-18-1864 Evansville, IN
Hart, William Pvt  
Kerr, Alonzo T Pvt  
Key, Thomas P. Pvt Transferred – to Co  F  5-7-1862
Long, Perry Pvt Deserted 10-5-1862 Camp Chase, OH
Marple, Elmore Pvt  
Marple, Jefferson Pvt Died Nashville, TN 3-15-1862
Martin, Thomas Pvt  
Melton, David Pvt Died Crab Orchard, KY  2-25-1862
Murphy, Benediet J. Pvt Discharged 12-29-1862 Louisville, KY
Murphy, Francis Pvt Wounded at Chattahoochee 7-9-1864
Murphy, George M Pvt  
Murphy, John A. Pvt  
Murphy, Thomas Pvt  
Newton, John S. Pvt Discharged 6-5-1862 Gallatin, TN
O'Connell, Philip Pvt Discharged 9-20-1862 Columbus, OH
O'Donald, Jacob Pvt  
Painter, Aaron T Pvt Discharged 3-13-1863 Lavergne, TN
Raley, George W. Pvt Died. 7-3-1862 Tuscumbia, AL
Raley, John Pvt Discharged 2-20-1863 Gallatin, TN
Roberts, Squire Pvt Transferred – to Co F  5-7-1862
Russell, Daniel J. Pvt Discharged 12-1-1862 Louisville, KY
Shively, David A. Pvt  
Shively, Samuel Pvt Died Taylor County, KY  3-10-1862
Sluder, James H Pvt  
Sluder, John M Pvt Died 10-16-1863 Of wounds
Smith, Johnson Pvt Died Taylor County, KY  3-15-1862
Spurling, James Pvt  
Troy, John Pvt Discharged 4-25-1862 Nashville, TN
Vanhorn, George S. Pvt Deserted 1-5-1862. Campbellsville, KY
Vestrees, Josiah Pvt Died Chattanooga, TN 11-9-1863
Walstan, Thos. J. Pvt Transferred – to make good time lost
Welch, Michael Pvt Died 10-26-1863 Of wounds
White, William Pvt Deserted 12-1-1861. Lebanon, KY
Wise, John R. Pvt Died June 1862 on hospital boat
Wise, Samuel T. Pvt Died Nashville, TN 1862
Wise, William Pvt Discharged 12-20-1862 Louisville, KY
Woodrum, Abner Pvt  
Woodrum, James Pvt Discharged 5-28-1863 Lavergne, TN
Woods, James Pvt Transferred – to Co  F  5-7-1862
Worthington, Martin T Pvt Died Nashville, TN 1862
Wright, Benjamin Pvt Died Nashville, TN 3-10-1862
Wright, Samuel Pvt Discharged 10-16-1862 Nashville, TN
Wright, Thos. R. Pvt  
Yearns, John Pvt Deserted 12-1-1861. Camp Crittenden, KY