Tenth Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

Regimental Rosters

Company E

Name Rank Comment
Bevill, Seth P. Capt. Wounded at Chickamauga 9-20-1863. Died at Chattanooga 9-21-1863.
Thompson, Andrew Capt.  
Funk, Clem 1st Lt.  
Boyle, Richard Sgt.  
Champion, James C. Sgt.  
Cozine, John S. Sgt. Commissioned 2nd Lt. 9-22-1863, but never mustered
Higdon, Alexander B. Sgt. Died 5-27-1864 In the field
Janes, Joseph A Sgt.  
Logsdon, Thos. H. Sgt.  
Champion, Thos. M Corp. Discharged 8-28-1862
Coomes, Burr Corp.  
Dawson, Martin A. Corp. Discharged 1-13-1863 Louisville, KY
Ensor, George W. Corp. Died 10-20-1863. Chattanooga, TN
Filiatrean, Columbus R. Corp.  
Higdon, James A.  . Corp. Wounded near Atlanta 8-7-1864
Hundley, Andrew N. Corp. Died 2-27-1862 In Washington Co. KY
Leachman, Harrison P Corp. Transferred to non-commissioned staff 5-1-1864
Logsdon, Ambr J. Corp.  
Nally, Thos. J. Corp.  
Noe, George A. Corp. Wounded at Chickamauga 9-20-1863
Noe, William T. Corp.  
Thompson, Nathaniel P. Corp.  
Hood, James K.P Mus. Died 5-5-1862 In Springfield, TN
Adams, Elisha M. Pvt Died 9-19-1863. Chickamauga
Adams, William T. Pvt Wounded at Chickamauga 9-20-1863
Berry, William G. Pvt Discharged 3-10-1862 Louisville, KY
Bowles, George W. Pvt  
Campbell, John Pvt Died 9-19-1863. Chickamauga
Carney, John Pvt  
Carroll, James Pvt  
Champion, Charles A. Pvt Died 6-4-1864. Chattanooga.
Clarkson, James Pvt Died 4-8-1862. Nashville, TN
Clarkson, John Pvt Died 4-30-1862. Nashville, TN
Cooper, Philip Pvt Discharged 3-18-1863 Louisville, KY
Corcoran, Philip Pvt Discharged Nashville, TN
Courtney, John W. Pvt  
Curd, Joseph Pvt Discharged 4-27-1864 Camp Chase, OH
Dearing, John L. Pvt Wounded at Chickamauga 9-20-1863
Dobson, William H. Pvt Wounded at Chickamauga 9-20-1863
Edwards, John L. Pvt  
Edwards, William M. Pvt  
Fenwick, Edward Pvt Died 10-9-1864. Chattanooga
Fields, Henry P. Pvt Died in Louisville, KY 11-29-1864
Fields, Richard M. Pvt Discharged 2-8-1863 Gallatin, TN
Filiatreau, William T. Pvt Discharged 3-16-1863 Louisville, KY
Foster, Benjamin Pvt  
Fowler, John J. Pvt Died 9-19-1863. Chickamauga
Gassalder, Arnold Pvt Discharged 2-2-1863, St Louis, MO
Green, George L Pvt  
Green, William Pvt Discharged Nashville, TN
Hall, Joseph Pvt Died 2-26-1862 In Washington Co. KY
Haydon, James B. Pvt Died 5-2-1862 In Washington Co. KY
Heaton, John W. Pvt Transferred – Unexpired
Herbert, James P. Pvt  
Hiatt, Reuben Pvt Died 3-27-1862 In Washington Co. KY
Hundley, James R. Pvt Died 9-19-1863. Chickamauga
Kating, John Pvt  
Logsdon, Richard L. Pvt Died 10-16-1863. Chickamauga
Lyons, Richard Pvt Discharged 3-9-1863 Louisville, KY
Mayes, John. W. Pvt Died 7-9-1864. Chattahoochee, GA
Miles, Joseph Pvt  
Murphy, Michael Pvt Transferred – Unexpired
Myers, William A. Pvt Wounded at Chickamauga 9-20-1863
Myers, William R Pvt  
Nally, John H. Pvt  
Nix, George W. Pvt Transferred to Vet Reserve Corps 4-30-1864
Nix, William Pvt Died 8-5-1864. Chattanooga, TN
Peak, John F. Pvt  
Reynolds, Francis Pvt Discharged 1-9-1863 Louisville, KY
Rhodes, Herod Pvt Deserted 1-3-1863. Lebanon Junction, KY
Rhodes, Thos. D. Pvt Died 2-25-1862 Crab
Orchard. KY
Richardson, William S. Pvt Died 2-25-1862 In Washington Co. KY
Savadge, Mathew Pvt  
Seay, John P. Pvt Died 3-7-1864. Chattanooga, TN
Simms, Cornelius Pvt Died 2-15-1862  Somerset, KY
Slayton, Marion A. Pvt Died 1-3-1862   Campbellsville, KY
Spraggins, Alexander W. Pvt  
Sullivant, Patrick Pvt Died in Louisville, KY 12-4-1864
Thompson, Edward A. Pvt  
Thompson, John B. Pvt Wounded at Chickamauga 9-20-1863
Toon, Peter Pvt Died 3-12-1862 In Washington Co. KY
Walker, Richard R. Pvt Died  12-15-1861 Lebanon. KY
Walker, Robert B. Pvt POW – Captured at Chickamauga 9-20-1863
Waters, Jack H. Pvt Died 10-4-1863. Chattanooga, TN
Weathers, James E. Pvt Died 6-9-1862  Corinth, MS
White, Edward T. Pvt  
Whitfield, James Pvt Transferred to Vet Reserve Corps 10-29-1863
Willis, Isaac T. Pvt  
Young, James. R Pvt Wounded at Jonesboro, GA 9-1-1864