Tenth Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

Regimental Rosters

Company D

Name Rank Comment
Riley, George W. Capt.  
Hupp, William 1st Lt. Resigned  6-16-1862
Mills, James J. 1st Lt.  
Dorsey, Stephen N. 2nd Lt. Resigned 11-16-1862
Penick, Edward Y. 2nd Lt.  
Dunn, Henry C. Sgt. Transferred to non-commissioned staff 6-1-1862
Earing, James C. 1st Sgt. Wounded Chickamauga 9-19-1863
Foster, Andrew J. Sgt.  
Garrison, John C. Sgt. Transferred to non-commissioned staff 12-11-1862
Roberts, Marvis T. Sgt.  
Seay, Francis B. Sgt.  
Shockley, Robert G. Sgt.  
Beaven, Chas. Corp. Wounded Chickamauga 9-19-1863
Crench, Martin O.. Corp.  
Davis, Nathaniel W. Corp. Discharged for disability 8-10-1862
Garrison, Gideon B. Corp. Died.  Atlanta.  Wounded at Chickamauga
Hughes, Thomas D Corp.  
Murvill, Isaac H Corp.  
Phillips, John H. Corp. Transferred to Vet. Res Corps 4-30-1864. Wounded at Chickamauga
Price, William T. Corp. Died, 12-3-1861
Seay, James A. Corp. Discharged for disability 2-4-1862
Snider, James A. Corp. Discharged for disability 10-10-1862
Wells, Elbert S. Corp. Transferred to Vet. Res Corps 3-18-1864. Wounded at Chickamauga
White, David D. Corp. Died.  1-1-1862 Mill Springs, KY
Wilson, Thomas O. Corp. Discharged for disability 2-3-1863
Garrison, David R Mus.  
Yocum, James M. Mus. POW – Captured at Chickamauga 12-24-1863
Shasson, Henry A Wagoner  
Abell, Benedict J. A. Pvt  
Beavers, Charles Pvt Wounded Chickamauga 9-19-1863 and in Atlanta Campaign 8-16-1864
Beavers, Wilford Pvt Discharged for disability 12-1-1864
Beggley, Roland Pvt  
Bottoms, Bradford E. Pvt Discharged for disability 3-8-1863
Brackan, William C. Pvt Died 2-1862.  Marion County, KY
Buckman, John G. Pvt  
Cain, Adam Pvt Discharged for disability 10-1862
Compfort, Thomas Pvt Discharged for disability 8-10-1862
Crench, Wm. W. Pvt Died 2-18-1862.  Washington County, KY
Cronch, James P. Pvt POW – Captured at Chickamauga 12-24-1863
Cussanger, James Pvt Discharged for disability 2-5-1863
Ewing, William T. Pvt KIA Chickamauga.  9-19-1863.
Graham, Mason Pvt Discharged for disability 6-11-1863
Hagan, James Pvt  
Hagan, John T Pvt Died 10-1-1863.  Chattanooga, TN
Wounded at Chickamauga.
Hagerty, Richard Pvt  
Hahun, Samuel Pvt Discharged for disability 9-19-1864
On account of wounds
Hall, John W. Pvt Died 5-1862.  Washington County, KY
Haman, Lee Pvt Deserted 4-1863 In Marion County, KY
Hart, Thomas Pvt  
Homan, David Pvt Discharged for disability 2-8-1863
Hughes, Andrew Pvt Deserted 11-1-1862 South Tunnel, TN
Hughes, David B Pvt  
Hundrix, William Pvt Discharged for disability 7-27-1863 On account of wounds
Hutchinson, William Pvt  
Isham, John W. Pvt  
Issac, Nathan Pvt Deserted 1-1-1863. Rolling Fork Bridge, KY
Johnsey, Wllllam B. Pvt Discharged for disability 2-7-1863
Lanham, James P. Pvt Died 2-1862.  Washington County, KY
Leankford, James A. Pvt  
Leathers, Jesse M. Pvt  
Lindsey, Buford Pvt  
Linnehan, James Pvt  
Luckett, Thomas A. Pvt Discharged for disability 12-1-1864
On account of wounds - Chickamauga
Lynch, Robert N. Pvt Discharged for disability 2-6-1864
Mattingly, Thomas Pvt  
Maxwell, Dabney C. Pvt  
McHughes, Silas Pvt  
Milburn, William Pvt  
Montgomery, William Pvt Died 5-1862.  Washington County, KY
Mosser, Henry L. Pvt Missing in action. 11-1-1862. Nashville, TN
Mouser, John W Pvt  
Mouser, William F. Pvt Died. 6-10-1862. Corinth, MS
Parris, Thomas G. Pvt Discharged for disability 6-29-1863
Ripperdon, Wm. D. Pvt Died 3-1862.  Washington County, KY
Sapp, Cornelius Pvt Discharged for disability 8-24-1863
Sheultry, Cornelius Pvt Died 4-17-1863 Nashville, TN
Shimmerhorn, Richard Pvt Died 3-1862.  Mill Springs, KY
Smothers, Isaac Pvt  
Smothers, Richard Pvt Died 3-8-1862 Lavergne, TN
Smothers, Wm. Pvt Discharged for disability 8-24-1863
Snider, Alfred Pvt Wounded Chickamauga 9-19-1863 and Mission Ridge 11-25-1863
Southern, Charles Pvt Discharged for disability 2-16-1863
Steward, Charles G. Pvt KIA. 9-19-1863 Chickamauga.
Stines, Robert Pvt Wounded Chickamauga 9-19-1863
Taylor, Benjamin Pvt  
Wakefield, Wm. F. Pvt Died 5-7-1862 Camp Dennison, Ohio
Wakefield, Squire H. Pvt Discharged for disability 4-17-1863
Wells, John B. Pvt  
White, John N. Pvt  
Wicker, James T. Pvt Discharged for disability 2-4-1863
Williams, Jesse R. Pvt Discharged for disability 7-12-1862
Willitt, Thomas B. Pvt Wounded Jonesboro, GA 9-1-1864
Yocum, John R. Pvt  
Yocum, Richard B. Pvt Wounded Chickamauga 9-19-1863