Tenth Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

Regimental Rosters

Company C

Name Rank Comment
Hilpp, Edward Capt.  
Musson, William 1st Lt.  
Sallee, James E. 2nd Lt.  
Martin, James B 1st Sgt Wounded at Chickamauga 9-19-1863
Buckman, Jos. Madison Sgt. Deserted 1-2-1863 on the march
Clayton, Robert H. Sgt. POW Captured at Vining’s Station 7-9-1864
Moore, William Sgt.  
Nall, William H. Sgt.  
Smith, Thomas G. Sgt.  
Andrews, Albert T. Corp  
Buckman, Jos. W. Corp.  
Buckman, Joseph Mike Corp. KIA Vining’s Station, GA 7-9-1863
Craig, John Corp. Transferred to Vet. Res. Corps 4-30-1864
Hogland, Isaac Corp.  
Mattingley, Martin V.B. Corp.  
Meece, George W. Corp. Wounded at Chickamauga 9-19-1863
Robinson, James B. Corp. Discharged 3-1-1863 Lavergne, TN
Russell, David Corp. Wounded at Chickamauga 9-19-1863
Dobson, James Mus. Died 5-5-1862 Louisville, KY
Hogland, Wm. H. Wagoner  
Allen, David Pvt  
Allen, Samuel Pvt Discharged 12-31-1862 Nashville, TN
Allen, Silas W. Pvt Died 3-23-1862 Nashville, TN
Anderson, John Pvt Died 2-11-1862 Marion County, KY
Atkins, Lafayette F. Pvt Discharged 9-20-1862  Louisville, KY
Benningfield, John Pvt Transferred to Vet. Res. Corps 11-1-1863
Ballou, John Pvt Discharged 7-1-1862  Louisville, KY
Boarman, John Pvt  
Bright, William D Pvt  
Brown, James F. Pvt Wounded at Peachtree Creek 7-21-1864 – left arm amputated
Carum, James C. Pvt  
Cooper, John A. Pvt  
Cundiff, Elias Pvt Died 4-1-1864 Nashville, TN
Dobson, William H. Pvt Died Atlanta, GA
Dye, Robert T. Pvt Died 3-3-1862 Lebanon, KY
Elmore, Andrew Pvt  
Farmer, W illiam Pvt Died 7-16-1862 Tuscumbia, AL
Feather, John H. Pvt Died 4-17-1862 Taylor County, KY
Garrott, John J. Pvt KIA Mission Ridge, TN 11-25-1863
Gault, William B. S. Pvt Discharged 1-1-1863  St Louis, MO
Gebhart, William H. Pvt  
Hickey, Patrick Pvt Discharged 9-10-1863 Nashville, TN
Hoback, James A Pvt  
Hoback, John C Pvt  
Hoback, Martin L Pvt Died 11-28-1863 Nashville, TN
Hogland, Isaac Sr Pvt Discharged 6-6-1862 Evansville, IN
Hogland, John B Pvt Transferred to Dept of Cumberland 11-6-1864
Hogland, John Pvt  
Hunt, Rueben W. Pvt. Discharged 3-11-1863  Louisville, KY
Kirkpatrick, Benjamin R. Pvt Deserted 8-1-1862 Hamburg Landing, TN
Howell, James W. Pvt  
Hunt, Reuben W. Pvt  
Hunter, Francis M Pvt  
Lake, Abraham Pvt  
McKenley, George W. Pvt  
McNamara, Michael Pvt  
Mills, Dennis Pvt Deserted 10-12-1862 On the march
Moore, James R. Pvt  
Moore, William E. Pvt  
Newcomb, Thomas Pvt  
Newton, Joseph R. Pvt  
Noley, Edward B. Pvt  
Norcutt, James Pvt Transferred to Vet. Res. Corps 1-15-1864
Powers, George W. Pvt  
Puryear, Samuel J. B Pvt Died 3-27-1862 LaRue County, KY
Rice, John L. Pvt  
Riggs, Thomas Pvt Died 11-6-1862  Marion County, KY
Riley, John Pvt Transferred to Vet. Res. Corps 9-1-1863
Robinson, William W. Pvt  
Rodgers, Benjamin O. Pvt Discharged 3-11-1863 Gallatin, TN
Rodgers, James Pvt Died 11-28-1861 Lebanon, KY
Sallee, Thomas J. Pvt Died 8-18-1864 LaRue County, KY
Sapp, Burnet B. Pvt Died 10-29-1863 Chattanooga, TN
Sapp, Franklin Pvt  
Sapp, Jasper Pvt  
Sapp, Peter Pvt Died 3-28-1862  Nashville, TN
Shipp, Ambrose Pvt  
Shipp, James Pvt Discharged 4-1-1863  Louisville, KY
Slatterly, Patrick Pvt Discharged 3-1-1863 Lavergne, TN
Stillwell, Hattan Pvt Died 5-15-1862 Corinth, MS
Taylor, Thomas Pvt  
Thurman, James P Pvt POW Captured at Chickamauga 9-20-1863.
Wade, George W. Pvt Discharged 4-20-1863 Nashville, TN
White, Wm. H. Pvt  
Wilson, Lafayette Pvt  
Wise, Chas. Pvt