Tenth Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

Regimental Rosters

Company A

Name Rank Comment
Davidson, Henry G. Capt. Promoted to Major  3-11-1863
Lisle, William J. Capt. Resigned April 19, 1863
McKay, Charles W. Capt.  
Reynolds, James 1st Lt. Resigned May 4, 1863
Warren, Henry H. 1st Lt. Wounded and captured at Chickamauga 9-20-1863, returned to regiment 6-1-1864,  wounded at Chattahoochee River July 9, 1864
Estes, John 2nd Lt. Resigned 7-19-1862
Grace, Richard 2nd Lt. Wounded at Chattahoochee July 9, 1864  - In hospital in Louisville
Maguire, Austin P 2nd Lt. Promoted to adjutant 3-11-1863
Arnold, Levi Sgt.  
Blandford, George W Sgt.  
Herdel, Nicholas Sgt. Wounded at Chickamauga
Manly, Samuel 1st Sgt. Wounded and captured at Chickamauga, exchanged and returned to regiment 11-24-1864
Moore, George W Sgt. Transferred 7-3-1865, mustered out
Burgess, Ray Sgt. Discharged for disability
Asbeck, Gustave Corp.  
Boyle, Robert W. Corp.  
Creagle, James Corp. Wounded at Jonesboro, GA
Jones, Aaron Corp. Wounded at Pickett’s Mill, GA
Kortz, Frederick Corp. Wounded at Jonesboro
Krival, Francis Corp. Transferred 8-23-1865, mustered out
Roberts, Harrison Corp.  
Shockley, Davis M Corp.  
Mattingly, Alexander O. Wagoner  
Arnold, Adam Pvt  
Arnold, Jeremiah Pvt  
Arnold, Simpson Pvt Transferred 8-28-1865, mustered out
Askren, Samuel Pvt Discharged for disability 11-9-1863
Baker, Samuel Pvt Discharged for disability
Berhnes, Henry Pvt Discharged for disability
Berry, James Pvt Died Lebanon, KY 3-5-1862
Bland, Fletcher Pvt Died Lebanon, KY 11-1861
Boyd, William Pvt Transferred 8-15-1865, mustered out
Bumgarder, George W. Pvt Died at home 3-2-1862
Bumgarder, John W. Pvt  
Cable, James Pvt Wounded at Courtland, AL
Casabon, Oliver D Pvt Deserted 1-1-1863
Crutcher, Henry Pvt Transferred to Vet Resev. Corp 6-1864
Decker, August Pvt Transferred to Vet Resev. Corp
Demarsh, Nicholas Pvt  
Demarsh, Stephen Pvt  
Dennis, Frank Pvt Discharged for disability
Duffield, Jacob Pvt Transferred 8-28-1865, mustered out
Durbin, John C. Pvt Discharged for disability 1-6-1863
Edmonson, Joseph Pvt Wounded at Jonesboro, Ga
Edmonson, Wilson W. Pvt Discharged for disability
Frank, George H. Pvt Transferred, mustered out
Gaylock, Peter Pvt Deserted 1-1-1863
Graham, Harvey Pvt Transferred 8-28-1865, mustered out
Ham, Abram Pvt Transferred 8-28-1865, To make good time lost.
Harding, Elias Pvt Transferred 8-28-1865, mustered out
Harding, George Pvt Transferred 8-28-1865, mustered out
Hill, Conrad Pvt  
Jenkins, Joseph Pvt  
Johnson, John Pvt  
Johnson, William Pvt Transferred 8-2-1865, mustered out
Jones, William Pvt Wounded at Chickamauga
Kendall, Bladen A Pvt  
Kendall, Culbraith Pvt  
Kortz, John Pvt  
Kortz, Mathie Pvt Wounded at Pickett’s Mill, GA
Kortz, William Pvt  
Krahl, Conrad Pvt Discharged for disability 10-2-1863
Lancaster, Edward B. Pvt  
Martin, Eugene Pvt Deserted 2-22-1863 Lavergne,TN
Mattingly, John M. Pvt  
Mattingly, Thomas R. Pvt Transferred to Co F 2-1-1862
Maurer, Francis Pvt Discharged for disability 10-2-1862
McDaniel, John Pvt Discharged for disability 1-9-1864
Mitchell, Henry Pvt  
Mitchell, John Pvt Deserted 2-22-1863 Lavergne,TN
Mudd, Richard Pvt  
Mumford, Robinson Pvt Discharged for disability
Murrell, Woods Pvt Deserted 3-1-1862
Pirtle, Isaac E. Pvt Died at Chattanooga 12-1-1863
Rheul, Eincle Pvt Died near Lebanon,KY 2-1862
Rogers, James C. Pvt Deserted 1-1-1863
Ropp, Michael Pvt  
Rossles, Frederick Pvt Wounded at Chickamauga, GA
Ruder, John Pvt Wounded at Jonesoro, GA
Saal, Frederick Pvt Deserted 1-1-1863
Shain, David Pvt Transferred 10-18-1865, mustered out
Shielly, John Pvt  
Shielly, Anthony Pvt To make good time lost
Shielly, William Pvt  
Shorten, Lewis Pvt Discharged for disability
Smith, Thomas M. Pvt Wounded at Chickamauga
Snawder, Joseph Pvt  
Stephens, Philip Pvt  
Steward, John Pvt  
Stoar, John Pvt Deserted 1-1-1863
Terry, Arthur T. Pvt  
Terry, George W. Pvt Wounded at Jonesoro,  GA
Vanderheide, John Pvt  
Voclair, Frank Pvt Deserted 2-22-1863, Lavergne, TN
Watts, John R. Pvt Transferred 2-25-1865, mustered out
Weiser, Harry Pvt  
Welsh, John Pvt  
Young, James Pvt